What is PLACE 2012?

As the launch of PLACE 2012 approaches, it’s been great to get such a positive response in the form of many RSVPs, phone calls and conversations. The promise of cake may have had something do with this but it also seems like the time is right to talk about place.

We’ve been hearing from lots of people with the simple (and understandable) question: what is PLACE 2012?

Here’s the simple answer: PLACE 2012 a festival which invites South Australians to explore place. Much like the About Time History Festival, individuals and groups will be invited to register their own events and the PLACE 2012 organising committee will coordinate the information about what’s on. PLACE 2012 will run throughout spring, so we’ll see activities in September, October and November.

There’s also a less simple answer to the question ‘what is PLACE 2012?’ and the answer is complex because place is complex. All humans have a sense of place- the place we live, the place we’ve left behind, our homes, the landscape…. the list is long and diverse.

Despite the fact that we all have an experience of place, discussions about place can be dominated by particular ideas or groups. Does a seven year old who has memorised the bike ride from home to school have less to say about place than a transport engineer? Absolutely not. Would it be great if the two could talk? Yes.

That’s where PLACE 2012 comes in. The project is a collaboration between the Integrated Design Commission, Arts SA, the Australian Institute of Architects, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, the Community Arts Network, Design Institute of Australia and the Adelaide City Council and we really hope to bring many other South Australians into the conversation during spring.

This website will be the key spot to get information about PLACE 2012. Registrations are now open (there are even some activities already on the site) and there is no cost to participate. We hope to hear from individuals, companies, community groups, arts organisations, students….. actually we hope to hear from everyone who has an idea about place to share. Check this site regularly to see how PLACE 2012 is shaping up!

Speaking of the website… we’re so pleased to have this website up and running, thanks to the powerful work ethic and creative skills of Lauren Byleveld (http://www.honeywolfgang.com/ ), and we look forward to keeping you updated about all things ‘place’ over the coming months.

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