Take Your Place

Take Your Place is a tool for teachers teaching place and liveability (Unit 2 of the Year 7 Geography Curriculum) that gets your students involved in a fun and exciting experience while in the classroom.

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Sharing Place

Before You Start
It might help to think about all the things that go into making a great place- it could be the nature, the people, or even the play equipment, etc. Then think about a particular place that you believe is great and ask yourself:

– Why is this place important to me?

– How does this place make me feel and what does it mean to you?

– What do I think other people would enjoy about this place?

What’s Next?
Then, film a short video (3 min and under) showing why you love your favourite place.
These videos can be sent to http://placesa@outlook.com and will then be uploaded to the Place SA website and promoted through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Creating Place

Extend teaching of place into the community
5 simple ideas
i. Boxes of chalk or bubble mixture out the front of your school
ii. Seating out the front of your school – milk crates, tree stumps etc.
iii. Temporary art installations on school fences and walls – origami, yarn bombing, pin wheels, scarecrows
iv. Dance spots
v. Busking out the front of your school and local shops

Teacher’s guide

For more information on how to incorporate Place into your school, read: