In Search of Creative Connections

Nowadays, we increasingly acknowledge the relevance of buildings to our sense of urban and rural places. We refer to them beyond their physical sphere and we consider the spaces and the activities we carry out on them comprehensively.

In my opinion, we should foster great places mainly for:

1. nurturing harmonic relationships

2. building collaborative atmospheres

3. making cities’ distinctive and attractive

However, beyond that, we might consider these elements as the three steps of a ladder to address the most relevant challenge we currently face as a society: to spark creativity and innovation across our cities. In other words, the more we devote our public and private spaces to create fruitful atmospheres, the more creative, productive and distinctive our Places will be.

Culture, Design, Environment, Nature and Technology are, in my consideration, the five new “Basic Elements of Life”. And the achievement of sustainable liveability and enjoyable places relies on how creatively we apply our knowledge and skills to create meaningful and insightful connections between them.

In this age of changes in an uncertain context, we must encourage each other and dare to connect them with ingenuity and shape a brand new future from South Australia, one of the most liveable places in the world.

By Luis Lafosse