Guest contributor – Annalise Rees

Annalise Rees is a local visual artist and our first guest contributor – offering her perspective on place.

My work explores notions of place and identity related to everyday lived experience. Gaston Bachelard wrote “thus we cover the universe with drawings we have lived,” my work ponders this, drawing from my experience of the world around me while also projecting into the world of what potentially might be.

I am interested in how drawing can physically occupy and define the spaces we inhabit. I consider drawing in both two and three dimensional terms, as something which can occupy space and generate place, as well as being representational of it. I think of place as being somewhere we travel to as well as something we carry with us from one geographical location to another and perhaps also something of ourselves we leave behind.

Making work that explores the symbiotic relationship between place and identity allows me to be my very own master of the universe Bachelard speaks of and provides an opportunity to investigate the nature of human activity and interactivity in our environment. Ultimately for me, Place is about people and human connection. I am excited by the potential for art and architecture to work together presenting possibilities for the creation of real spaces that engage and generate a sense of place and ultimately belonging.

Annalise’s work can be found on the streets of Adelaide throughout the PLACE 2012 season. For more information please stay posted at:

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