Story City: Adelaide

Story City: Adelaide

Date(s) - 09/08/2016 - 08/08/2017
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Be the hero! Choose your adventure!

Story City is a FREE smart phone app that uses your phone’s GPS to take you on real-life adventures through the Adelaide CBD.

The app reimagines the popular Choose-Your-Adventure genre for the digital age. The choices that you make throughout the story take you on a unique path through the city, as well as through the adventure; will your decision see you victorious…or will you meet a sticky end?

There are currently 3 incredible stories available in the Adelaide CBD; become embroiled in a high-stakes game of Alien Hide and Seek, be pitched into a time-travelling adventure through 40,000 years of Adelaide’s history, or go in search of Colonel Light’s lost treasure.

Best of all, local artists, writers and musicians have been employed to create the narratives, making Story City the best way to discover the places that you thought you knew.

Download the app for free for ANDROID or IPHONE, open the app, pick your story and head to the starting location! Your adventure begins today!



Finding Place: a drawing journey…¬†will be a collaborative drawing project between local artist Annalise Rees and the people of Adelaide from September to November, 2012. Located around the streets of the CBD will be journals inviting the audience to become co-authors mapping the city and individual experiences of place. These contributions will be compiled into an online archive alongside the artist\’s own drawings and ponderings about place. Get your pencil at the ready and stay posted for more details.


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