Ecologies of Place

Ecologies of Place

Date(s) - 30/09/2015 - 07/11/2015
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The event is an exhibition that is curated by Margaret Sanders. Works by Catherine Buddle, Jenny Clapson, Sam Oster, Stephanie Radok, Margaret Sanders.

People places plants and other perceptions.

This exhibition brings together five artists whose previous work has focussed on relational and place-based concerns. Each artist was invited to make work about their responses to a particular place through the prism of an ecological enquiry.

My approach has been to co-curate this exhibition with the artists. We have developed our ideas though informal conversations and discussions with the expectation that in the process the concerns of the work would articulate and define the subject of the exhibition.

The artists were invited to take an open and interpretative approach. What are ecologies? What is place? These few words raised many questions. At times the scope of the exhibition seemed to be an elusive riddle. However, as a koan irritates the mind into action, the artists reacted with a diversity of surprisingly personal responses.

Consider, the blackened fire ground which has found renewal. The needle and thread which has drawn out hidden memories and affixed them as resolute knots on flimsy gauze. The moth seeking the bright windows of a house at night. The yellow hills listening to the stories of extinct birds and newly arriving plants. The single flower which exists in array of invisible connections.

When one looks at a subject from the embrace of multiple points of view one is reminded of Jorge Luis Borges famous maxim

There isn’t anywhere on earth a single page or single word that is, since each thing implies the universe, whose most obvious trait is complexity.


Margaret Sanders
Curator, Ecologies of Place

September 2015



Gallery 1855

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Gallery 1855 2 Haines Road Tea Tree Gully

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