Blog from Amanda Balmer

Place is not created through a procurement of assets, a collection of items from a shopping list or the ordering of a series of amenity providing elements. It requires thought, care and someone’s, and it could be anyone’s sense of connectedness, the creation of a relationship, the desire to be a part of the experience that will endure. A champion is needed to start the process and it is their passion and sense of worth which takes them on the journey toward the evolution of a place. The baton of enthusiasm can be passed to as many who care to be involved, and the more the merrier, but the danger is when there is no one left to care, it becomes a place that fails to inspire others and it will loose it’s heart.

In our big, busy and beautiful world, it is the champion or collective of champions and their vision which will drive a project forward from an idea to a realisation. As a creative, we can assist in the design and evolution of the making of a place, but we all need the backing and assistance of a champion, one who is willing to take the risk, challenge convention and understand the legacy they have a part in creating.


Amanda Balmer